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CD and DVD Replication


You’ve come to the right place. Not just for CD and DVD Replication – that’s a given. Mohd Prohub has set the standard for independent CD and DVD Replication . But there’s so much more we do for our customers, and there’s a world of additional products and services we offer to help make your music or video project stand out from the crowd.

From post-production expertise to tune up your project, to distribution packages to help you sell your finished product, you can count on Disc Makers no matter where you are in the manufacturing process.

We’ve been in this business since 2012, and we’ve grown to be the leading CD and DVD Replication in the Delhi/NCR by offering superior products and services one customer at a time.

We Deals in Replication Services like : –

*   Duplication of CD’s,
*    DVD’s ,
*    Blu-Rays,
*   CD printing ,
*   DVD Printing
*   CD copies
*   DVD Copies
*   Blu-Ray Copies
*   CD Replication
*   DVD Replication
*   Short Run Disc Duplication ,
*  Advance Authoring Of CD/DVD/Blu-Rays
*  Copy Protection
*  Stamper
*  Associated Offset Printing
*  Customized Packaging etc

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